How is a lifecast Done?

The first stage is to decide on the pose and  body areas to be cast.

Also the finished colour and texture.

We have a range of stands for freestanding sculptures.

Next we need to make the mould; this is a relatively quick process,

depending on the scale of the cast it will take no longer than 30 minutes.

When making the mould we use a natural and non-toxic product called alginate, which actually comes from seaweed.

As you will appreciate, it is a messy business and we  try to cover all shoes and clothing, but do not wear your best.

The whole process is rather like a spa body wrap and can leave your skin feeling quite silky.

At this point your part of the casting process is finished

It is now over to us to prepare the finished work.

At this stage we cast directly from the body mould, the resulting cast  is then cleaned, shaped and finished. With simple pieces we would aim to present you with the piece usually within 7-10 days.

The process would then be complete.

You would have a truly unique and absolutely amazing piece that has captured you in a moment of time – a piece that you and your loved ones and friends can admire and marvel at for many many years to come.